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The show depicts how the princess Kiranmala defeats the wicked demon queen Katkati and saves her kingdom Achinpur and Amrita Nagari and the whole of mankind. Bijoy, the king of Achinpur’s wife, Rupmati gives birth to a child named Kiranmala. Katkati, Bijoy’s other wife and Katkati’s mother, Pyakati didn’t like Kiranmala at all, fearing she might put an end to their reign. 18 years later, they start forming an entire team of demons including, Pishachini, Bajramala, Donkar and Bitkel. Kiranmala falls in love with Donkar’s stepbrother Kumar Prithviraj making Donkar jealous of Prithviraj. And Bajramala becomes jealous of Kiranmala because Bajramala loves Prithviraj. However, Kiranmala and Prithviraj end up married. Theh give birth kto Alokmala, who changes the jealousy in Bajramala and Donkar’s heart into love. Karkati becomes angry and tries to destroy Achinpur and Amrita Nagari. Kiranmala suicides to save the world from Katkati. She and Katkati both go to Mokhsa (Kingdom of Death), where Kiranmala is rewarded with Svarga, while Katkati, Pyakati, Pishachini and Bitkel are left to suffer in Naraka.