The plot is about an evil entity called Maaya who is a daini and bewitches the Singha Roy family, and the struggles the family experience under her nojor. The story revolves around Maya, a 200 year old life-force sucking vampire-like creature called daini who also uses “jaadu tona” (witchcraft). Maaya kills people to steal their age (vitality) which keeps her young and beautiful. She enchants and captivate Dev Singha Roy by her surreal beauty, after which they marry and have two children,Ayush and Ananya. Maya wins Dev’s favour by helping him a mass great wealth through black magic while she gradually drains his vitality that leads to his premature death. Maaya also kills Dev’s mother to hide her secret identity but the Singha Roy grow suspicious anyway. A worried Debashree Sigha Roy tells of her fears to her friend Shivani (Ishani’s mother), a psychical wizardess and a Reevaavanshii (monster-hunter) who comes to help Dev’s bedevilled family and ward off the evil eye. She cuts Maya’s plait rendering her powerless, Maya then escapes into the woods, but they pursue her along with a mob of villagers holding torches. Once cornered, Maya was set on fire which turns her into stone. Yet Maya’s evil eye (nojor) still lurks on the family as she is a unique and very powerful daini called “Akaayan”. Debashree and Singha Roy (her husband) adopt Dev’s children Ayush and Ananya.