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Om Nama Shibaya

The story follows Shiva, the Protector and the Destroyer, the Peaceful and the Fierce. Shiva is portrayed as a family man uninfluenced by mortal allures and pleasures.
Om Namoh Shivay starts with Dakshya, the son of Brahma, being introduced as the greatest Prajapati on earth. Asur Raj (King of the Asuras) Jalandhar attacks his kingdom and starts wreaking havoc. After Dakshya’s failure to stop Jalandhar, all Gods and humans start praying to Shiva who punishes Jalandhar and saves the world. This infuriates Dakshya who denies Shiva’s supremacy.
Brahma prays to Mahamaya for help to domesticate Shiva. She takes a mortal birth as Sati, daughter of Dakshya and becomes an ardent worshipper of Shiva.
Dakshay cannot tolerate Sati’s dedication and decides to teach young Sati a lesson by imprisoning her. However, Shiva starts playing mridangam and magically rescues Sati. Dakshya gets further infuriated and throws out all Shiva followers from Dakshya Rajya. They are rescued by Shiva who gives them food and shelter.

Rishi Durvasa, the son of Atri and Anasuya comes to Dakshya Rajya and Sati pleases him with the help of Shiva’s magic. Durvasa blesses Sati for her devotion and says that one day she would become the wife of Shiva. However, arrogant Dakshya insults Durvasa and the infuriated rishi curses the Prajapati.