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Saat Bhai Champa

The selfish queens led by the 1st queen Manimallika of King Mahendra of Surjanagar try to kill the seven sons and one daughter of the seventh queen Padmavati. The seven brothers become Champa flowers. The daughter Parul is rescued by the maid. Through a series of adventures Princess Parul has to bring back alive her seven long-lost brothers (who are now Champa flowers) and reunite her family. She finds brave Raghav as her partner and evil witch Rani Manimallika as her main enemy. On the day of the wedding, Raghav gets lost, was made a king of another country by an elephant. One wicked sorcerer and the evil queen are behind all of this. Princess Parul rescues him and kills Manimallika with the help of her friends. She marries Raghav and lives happily ever after in Surjanagar.